Vlog_001 | We moved to Australia!

Austin and I decided to start vlogging on this new adventure to keep our family and friends posted and seeing our smiling, sweaty faces while we are away!

What better way to start than to share our journey across the world with you?!

I do promise to project my mouse voice more in the future (*learning curve*).

If you love it, please follow along! If you think it’s lame, well, at least my parents will dig it. It’s ultimately for them at any rate.

With love,
The Humble Lion…and her better half.

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  • Sarah Naas  —  2 years ago

    This is fabulous and so are you. So happy for you and I am excited to see where life takes you next! <3

  • sarahnaas  —  2 years ago

    This is fabulous and so are you! I’m so excited to see where life takes you next <3

  • Nolan Luecke  —  2 years ago

    Great, I really like this keep it up; so we can follow

    • kasmitchell  —  2 years ago

      Will do, sweet friend! Miss you and wish you were on this one with us, too!

  • Mary Ann Cole  —  2 years ago

    Great! Keeping them coming! We love to see your sweet smiling faces and your wonderful adventure! We love you both!

  • Carrie  —  2 years ago

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to see what is next for you guys! 💜

  • Chelsea  —  2 years ago

    Congrats Kassie hope yall are doing well and having a great time enjoying your guys new surroundings.

    • kasmitchell  —  2 years ago

      Thank you SO much, Chels! I hope you’re doing well!