The Hunt

I am a lion[ess]; a hunter. What good would it do me to stay in close parameters? How well can I hone my innate skills if I don’t test my limits and boundaries? As any successful predator has, I have covered a lot of ground and slain along the way.

Lately, I’ve been laying low, lurking in the meadow, observing my surroundings and options. There is plenty of opportunity to jump at what is right in front of me, but I’ve put in too much time and effort to settle for the easy prey.

There is a beautiful opportunity in the horizon, one that I have been sprinting towards since it came to light. Once I reach it, it is possible that I will miss my target, and that’s okay, because in each pursuit there is failure, and with failure we gain wisdom. I have preyed, pounced, missed and tumbled, jumped back to my feet, and leapt out again. This time will be no different. The thrill of the hunt is ever-present and always intensifies with time.

Like, L O L KaS, stop writing like you’re narrating a safari documentary and tell us what you’re up to.

Sigh. Fine.

Okay, so here it is. After months of contemplating what my next move should be and seeking out opportunities left and right, turning down some that I knew weren’t the right fit (#millennialmentality – and I say that with pride), I finally asked myself what connections I had that could lead me to my next big adventure that would also benefit me professionally. So, I reached out to an old boss (and dear friend), Kristin, from my time in England who is now residing and working in Australia.

Wait, what? Australia? Australia?!?! KaS, are you going to Australia?

YES. Tomorrow.

Kris had extended an invitation to come see her in the land down under months ago, and in my head I thought fat chance, but after floundering around for a few months trying to get on my feet and figure this life thing out, I finally came to terms with the fact that I just can’t settle for the easy road. It isn’t in me, and that is a quality I’m learning to embrace. So I asked Kris if her offer still stood, and it did. I then took it one step further to asked if there was any way I could get a little hands-on experience in her office and network while I’m there and, lo and behold, she asked her boss and made that happen too!

I will be in Gold Coast, Queensland, for the better half of one month (have to leave a little room in there for venturing around, too). I will be working on a couple of projects for CISaustrlia, reuniting with one of my favorite travel companions, and embracing this insane opportunity at hand. I am PUMPED.

They say good things come to those who wait, but we shouldn’t misconstrue the denotation of that phrase. Patience is a virtue, one that is earned over time and through practice. However, patience is merely one quality necessary on one’s journey to success. It should coincide with diligence, perseverance, and a dash of humility.

If there is one thing I have learned over the past six years, it’s that you don’t wait for opportunity to come knocking at your door. You hunt it down.





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  • Kelly  —  3 years ago

    You are awesome 😉 Enjoy. You will be missed 😆

    • kasmitchell  —  3 years ago

      Missing you guys already! Really. Really really.

  • Jenny  —  3 years ago

    Well written, dear. Have a great time on your adventure… can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • Sherry Watkins  —  3 years ago

    Look forward to reading all about this! You are amazing😘, you have no fear….or maybe you do and that is what drives you. As I said before, Godspeed , my friend.

    • kasmitchell  —  3 years ago

      I have plenty of fear, anxiety, and all of the mood swings that come along with each. Thank you for loving me well, dear friend!