Fierce Friday | Sarah Kibby

What makes you a L I O N?

@whitepigglet: “I would consider myself a lion by having power in my spirit and mind. I am athletically strong but I push myself physically and mentally more than anyone ever will. I believe my spirit is strong because even though I may be going through a tough day or something has happened to me, I am able to look past it. I am able to see the good that is surrounding me and pick up my head and continue forward. I walk with a sense of pride. I love many things about myself and believe in myself. I know that I am Sarah Kibby and you will know that too. I am powerful. Pushing myself to the extreme with working out, what’s the next level? What have I not done yet? I am a non-stop machine. I wake up at 3 am to juice. Trying to fulfill a dream that I have had for as long as I can remember, and that is to own a business. I juice fresh juice because I believe that people should live off the Earth, to feed their body real food and things that are grown in messy dirt. I then workout, teach gym classes, do personal training and try to study for a couple hours before I go to my second job. Repeat. I guess there is nothing too big or too much in my mind.

I believe I do have a sense of authority. Weirdly I have had people tell me that they were scared to talk to me or to approach me. That I can intimidate people which makes me laugh because I truly want to be everyone’s friend.

One last thing. I think I can be a good leader. Taking responsibility for myself and others. I will help any person with their goal or issue, no matter what it may be. I generally put people before me because I want them to see the light, to know that things will be okay and that someone cares.”

What makes you H U M B L E?

@whitepigglet: “To be honest I think I am ridiculously humble, which at times can be bad for me because I lower my importance too much. Like I said before, I would always put someone before me. Being a personal trainer, I am always listening. Trying to help people release their anger or emotions they are allowing to build up. If people compliment me on my looks or the way I dress, I don’t really know how to act. I say thank you, obviously, but I never have the thought, ‘I’m one sexy beast.’ I am trying to learn to fix that in a good way, to love myself more and believe in my sexiness. The things I accomplish are never a big deal, they are always just a checklist. I trained for 6 months, with a crucial diet and transformed myself into the fittest best me and placed second. Eh, just part of the process. So it almost brings it around to you.
You asked me to be a lion. Which I thought, ‘Why me’? All these girls that she has put up already are much cooler than me and interesting. But I guess I am energy that can leave an impression on people and I hope it’s a good one.”

I have looked up to Sarah since long before I actually met her, and then I had the good fortune of living with her one summer. I have never met a more dedicated, strong-willed person in my life. I’ve seen her outwork every man around her (at work AND the gym). I’ve seen her take FIRST place in her first bikini competition (and the effort she put into winning). And I’ve seen her pick others up and put their happiness far beyond her own. She is a truly inspiring individual, not only because she knows and owns her own beauty and strengths, but because she encourages others to know theirs, too. Thank you for being someone I can look up to, Sarah Jane Kibby!

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