Fierce Friday | Rachel Bush

What makes you a L I O N?

@bushwhacked: “My family makes me a lion. Protecting my family and providing for my family is my number one concern. Not just providing financially, but emotionally. I stand to be a symbol of strength and thoughtfulness to my siblings. I want to always challenge the way they think or go about things to make sure they are well-rounded beings.
Showing people a new perspective gives me fire. I love taking a touchy topic and talking about it in a way that anyone can take away from it.

My passion overall is creating a community and an environment that people feel open and kind in. Those goals all make me a lion.”

What makes you H U M B L E?

@bushwhacked: “The idea that there will ALWAYS be someone that despises you keeps me humble. I love thinking that no matter what you do not everyone is going to like it. Being at peace with that idea makes it easier to be fearless in my work and to not get my feelings hurt when someone doesn’t like me or my art.”

I’ve known Rachel for a few years now. She’s the baby sister of my precious friend @lorynstanley and a talented artist that I’ve looked up to for years (check out her photography at!). I love how she loves others. She would never want or expect her beauty to outshine those around her, or for her talents make you feel mediocre. Rachel spreads light by being the light, a trait that each and every one of her family members carry.

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