Fierce Friday | Linsey Boerrigter

What makes you a L I O N?

@linsey.boerri: “I would say that my passion for people is my fiercest quality. I was raised with family dinners as the norm; no phones, no distractions. You talked about your day, random subjects, anything really. It was all about being together. That has really stuck with me growing up. And further into that, making that time really meaningful is so important. Even when you’re around those you don’t know, just taking a second to ask how their day is and actually focus on their response can do wonders. Making eye contact with people, genuinely complimenting them. I believe in helping others see their beauty and light, especially since it is something I long struggled with.”

What makes you H U M B L E? 

@linsey.boerri : “There’s an endless list for that one, sister. Sittin’ pretty at the top of that list is God and all His creation. To think that the creator of the universe (and all the awesome things in it) also creates each and every one of us – knows us and loves us before it is even our time – is just incredible. And even when I’m loving with every ounce I’ve got, His love is always greater and truly unconditional. That’s something I’ll always cherish and be humbled by.”

This lovely soul has been such a light in my life, a much brighter light than she will ever know. I met her while I worked at @harlaxton_college. She was studying and I was interning. I met many people that I’ll always cherish there (cough cough…@austincurrent_), but this girl, she sticks with me. She was the first student to call me out on my big fat secret relationship with@austincurrent_ after splitting a bottle of wine with me (that despite @miranda_holcomb’s berating, we drank straight from the bottle) and freaked out in all of the good ways as soon as I admitted it.

Most importantly,@linsey.boerri showed me unconditional light and love (and the perfect blend of class & sass) from the moment I met her. You hear people talk about “the light” in others and may find it hard to understand, but the moment@linsey.boerri walks into a room, you’ll know what they mean. So grateful for having you in my life Linsey B!

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