Fierce Friday | Leah Voss

What makes you a L I O N?

@vossvisuals: “I am a lion and I am stronger because of my pack. Independent as I am, I need my people. Who would I be without the example of love set by my parents, the Sunday mornings next to them in church, the phone calls and flights home? I know I would be weaker without my boyfriend forcing me to relax with him, sending me ‘You got this, Voss Boss’ texts throughout stressful work days and sweet hugs and kisses every morning, noon and night. My friends, people I’ve met in better and worse moments in my life, continue to stand by me even when we’re states apart. Apart from my pack, I am proud of what I’ve accomplished as an individual. I went to a tough photojournalism school and now I’m working in my field, meeting and spotlighting the people of my sweet little coastal community. I was out of shape and lacking energy, so I started going to spin class and now I’m stronger and happier. I was angry with men, but I took a chance on one and now I’m experiencing real love for the first time. I’m satisfied with my life, but this strong woman never would have had legs to stand on without those who taught me how to run.”

What makes you H U M B L E?

@vossvisuals: “The earth humbles me. The trees that have been digging their roots for decades longer than I have, the wild creatures who exert so much more power than I do, the unknown depths of the ocean…this all humbles me. Beyond that, the small size of our tiny planet in an infinite universe is enough to make me feel like a fragile bubble, beautiful but brief and scattered by the winds when popped. Life is short, we all know that. As a journalist, I’ve faced death and injustice in the most gruesome ways. I’ve experienced excruciating personal loss. The reality of loss, of our short lives, has forced me to slow down, to forgive and to fall in love. I’m humbled by the unconditional loyalty of family, friends, my lover and yes, by the trees I admire, the animals I adore and the ocean I jump in, even if it’s risky.”

I’ve known this (Voss) Boss Babe for over six years. We met on @wku’s campus at a Disney College Program meeting and spent many hours together getting other people excited about the program that had a huge impact on both of our lives! I’ve looked up to her as an individual and professional for years as she is an extremely talented photojournalist with a huge heart for the earth and all of its creatures. But most importantly, she believes that Kentucky Kicks Ass, too! ‘Cause, duh. It does. I miss our attempted monthly phone chats, Leah! Let’s get that ball rolling again! You’re just so good for my spirit.

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