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What makes you a L I O N?

@the_nomadiclife: “I’m not loud. I’m not aggressive. I very, very rarely (if ever) get angry. I prefer to keep the peace than rock the boat, even if that means taking on more stress/pressure myself. Other’s happiness, even strangers, is important to me. And I believe in the goodness of humanity as a whole and that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. So do I consider myself a lion? Not really. Do I consider myself a badass? Most definitely!

I have lived a life of no regrets – traveling the world, following my intuition, and not letting societal pressures take away from living the life I want. I’m not motivated by money nor driven by the pursuit of status or a steady job or a long-term relationship. I live for experiences and adventure. I live for exploration – of the world, of myself, of other cultures, of friendships/human connection, and of purpose. I live for the moment. I don’t always know what’s next, and often have multiple ideas of what my future looks like, and I’m 100% okay with that. Because I know I make each decision as it comes, based on what feels best and right at that time. And so far I think I’ve lived a pretty badass life that’s taken me to some incredible places!”

What makes you H U M B L E?

@the_nomadiclife: “My first thought about this question was that in answering it, you’re by definition not being humble. But thinking beyond myself as someone who tries to be humble, and focus on what has given me the most humility, that has by far been what I’ve learned on my travels. Discovering how big and how small the world is all at once. Seeing how humans are more similar than different across cultures and religions. Being in situations where I’m completely anonymous and no one around me for hundreds of miles knows my name. Feeling like my identity is lost when I can’t communicate on a deeper level in a country that I don’t speak the language of. But what humbles me more than anything is thinking about the past and future of humanity as a whole and how in the end, nothing matters. None of us will be here. Even those who have left behind some sort of legacy after their death and are memorialized in our cultures, they too will be gone and forgotten. Eventually everything on our planet and in our universe as we know it will be gone, and with it so will all the adventures, love, laughter, sadness, pain and memories. That will all disappear into nothingness. So if I need to put myself in check, or if I’m having a rough day, I just remind myself that nothing really matters in the end. We only have now to live, so seize every moment. Be good to others. Show kindness. Be compassionate. Live fully. Live the life you want.”

I’ve trekked through six countries with this little Wonder Woman. And if you don’t know what a feat it is to have a successful travel mate, well, you’re missing out. It forms a bond and an understanding of another individual that really can’t be explained, only experienced.

@the_nomadiclife, I’ve learned so much from you in the last two years – personally and professionally. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have found my self in the UK, I wouldn’t have found the love of my life, and I wouldn’t be on this giant island. I love you, friend! I’ll be seeing/squeezing you before you know it!

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