Fierce Friday | Jasmine Harrell

What makes you a L I O N?

@jasminefaith_harrell: “All my life I have been quiet and soft-spoken (for the most part). When I was in college and really started to discover my identity in the Lord, I started to understand that my quietness and gentleness actually made me fierce. I’ve learned not to suppress my quietness, nor have I learned to push away boldness that lives inside me. I believe that the people around me who are dear to my heart and know me well strive to pull out both the quiet and bold natures that make me who I am. I had lived in shame for years thinking I couldn’t be used because I wasn’t as bold and vivacious as others. Now, I embrace all aspects of that identity.”

What makes you H U M B L E?

@jasminefaith_harrell: There have been countless life events that have triggered a deeper humility in me, but at the current point in my life, I’d have to say the transition into becoming a mother makes me humble. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant with a strong baby boy (Leonidas) and have learned so much through it all. Being placed in a category with so many incredible women as mothers gives me a sense of compassion and devotion to them. Carrying another life has made me sacrifice my own in more ways than one; my body is shared with another person, one that I’m growing and one that the Lord is piecing together. The process of becoming a mother is long and nine months is only a short blip in the grand picture. Dreaming about all the ways Leonidas is going to keep shaping me and growing me allows me to realize that I am so far from my own.”

I met Jasmine at our dear friend @amyhehre‘s wedding just before I left for England in the fall of 2015 (also where we met @bethany.burt & @ethanpburt!). She’s right, she is soft spoken and so, so sweet. That never once made her seem anything less than bold though. She is funny, incredibly beautiful and as genuine as they come. Words can’t describe how happy I am that @jasminefaith_harrell and @jnthnharrell will bring little babe Leon up in this world.

Thank you for being an exemplary Humble Lion in my pride, Jas!

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