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What makes me a L I O N?

@thehumblelion_: “Lions don’t ask for strength, it’s innate. Sure, they will grow with time and experience and their skills are honed with every hunt, but I don’t think you’ll find a lion doing pushups or reciting self-affirmations in a mirrored lake. Like a lion(ess), I roam where my instincts take me. When I see an opportunity, there is nothing I let stand in my way, and I hope to remain this way until I draw my last breath. Everything I’ve accomplished and experienced was made possible by love and support from a broad community. Without their examples and encouragement, I wouldn’t know just how far I can push my boundaries. My courage is unwavering because of my loyal pride. May they all know how fiercely I love and cherish them.”

What makes me H U M B L E?

@thehumblelion_: “I firmly believe that even if you don’t choose to reflect and embrace humility, humility will embrace you. This life we live is precious and uncertain. There are no promises, no magic potions or recipes. Life as we know it is momentary, not infinite, and certainly not invincible. People don’t live happily ever after, but there is so much beauty in that fact! If only we allowed ourselves to accept that truth, how wholly would we feel and love and live? Humility has embraced me year after year, wave on wave, as I have watched some of the strongest and most influential people in my life fall one by one. I saw the horror on my grandparents’ faces as their children were being plucked from the earth by illness and ruthless villainy. I watched my dad learn to walk again — and it was no small feat. Humility is also served gracefully as I watch good friends better this world one day and act at a time, doing things I could never find the will or strength to do myself. While I’m proud of my accomplishments, I understand their insignificance in the grand scheme of things.”

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