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What makes you a L I O N?

@baroneypony: “I love lions but like I told Kassie, I’m more like a Tiger. Why? Tigers are imprinted with unique stripes that are never duplicated. These stripes were intended for them to easily blend in with their environment. One has to look closely or they might miss the beauty amongst the grass.

Growing up I would always be waiting for my sister impatiently while she got ready, ‘Come on Alex, it’s not like we’re going to the palace.’ This imaginative palace I created was the only place it mattered what you looked like. 20 years later, I’ve never been to ‘the palace’ and I have the same philosophy. I dress how I want and express myself how I want. Like a tiger, I wear my own stripes. I also could care less about what others’ stripes look like. Looks aren’t the basis of which to judge someone. Never mistake a mighty tiger for tall blades of grass.

*Many times a tiger’s passion is mistaken for rage or aggression. I am quickly accused of being aggressive or defensive when in reality I am simply passionate. Passionate about human & animal rights, environmental issues, spirituality and relationships. I have passion for things that matter. Please don’t tell me to calm down. Rarr.”

What makes you H U M B L E?

@baroneypony: “Everyday I work with 90+ refugee students. Yet I still don’t know what it feels like to be a refugee. For my hut to be burned down in a Nepali village fire and have to live 2 months in a tent in the jungle. To have to travel to three countries over seven years just to find safety. These are the memories that stay with my students. Yet these children come to class still willing to give this world a shot regardless of how it’s treated them. Who with the little that they have, find treats and presents to give me as if I needed anything other than the gratification of creating a safe classroom for them to learn.

Refugee. A term we use so loosely as if it holds no gravity. As if there’s not faces and names that define themselves as that- A refugee. It’s the first words my students know how to say. ‘I am a refugee.’ Words I have never had to say…(cont. in comments)
Delete Commentthehumblelion_This year I have put faces and names and stories and laughter and light to these refugees we so easily judge. I am humbled because at the end of the day they call me their teacher, but I believe I’m their student.”

@baroneypony is one of the most genuinely kind people I’ve ever met. It’s impossible not to connect with her, unless there is a black hole where your soul should be.

Like her sister@alexbone86, she fiercely loves the human race (and is timelessly and naturally GORGEOUS). She reads things that matter, she puts her energy into something good and honorable in this world. How many people can actually say that?

So proud of the person you are, Dani, and so grateful for having you in my life.

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