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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you travel so much?
Aside from aiming to be a great partner to my husband, daughter to my parents, and friend to my people, traveling is one of my top priorities. It always serves as a great learning experience and helps me remember that there are meaning and purpose in life. So I make choices and decisions that allow me to live the life I lead.

Instead of going out to eat and drink often, we cook at home and rarely buy alcohol. I don’t go shopping much anymore, I barely wear makeup, I don’t color my hair, and manis/pedis aren’t a thing in my world. It’s amazing how many plane tickets you can buy when you just save $50 here and there.

I’ve also managed to study and work my way around the planet. With every move I’ve made in adulthood, I’ve had a job waiting there for me. There are many people who take the plunge and move across the world that are willing to take whatever jobs they can find. In most cases, it’s well worth the risk.

Do you get homesick?
I’m human. I miss my family and friends at all times. Not a day goes by that I don’t yearn for them. Fortunately, in today’s world, I can call them on Skype or FaceTime and see most of them instantly. If I needed to, I could be on a plane and back to them in less than two days. It’s not like I’ll never go back to visit or even move closer (I use that term loosely), but I would be wasting my potential and “calling” if I gave up the life I lead. I’ve experienced the depression that comes with a choice like that.

If I had children, I wouldn’t expect them to give up a good (and not necessarily permanent) experience to be closer to me in a vicinity. I don’t suspect my family would do that either.


Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?
Hopefully alive and well with my better half right next to me. I’ve never been one to over-plan my future. Life comes at you unexpectedly and in my experience, the best opportunities cannot be planned or forced. At this point, I’d like to think I’ll have a camera in my hand, telling stories that matter and helping others wherever, whenever, and however I can.

What’s it like being married to a professional bodybuilder? 
In our house, “bodybuilder” is a label low on the list (one that he doesn’t prefer in the first place—we say “physique athlete”). First comes husband, partner, lover, friend, brother, son, intellect, wise guy, coach, and so much more.

Those who know me well know just how little I fit in with the Fitspo Nation, and that’s okay. It’s part of his world and I support his place in it. I am married to so much more than a bodybuilder, and I’m okay if the masses don’t fully understand that. To be honest, I love being married to someone who not only cares so much about overall health and wellness, but is extremely well educated and trained in the industry and who has the heart to play the right role within it.

What is your best piece of travel advice?
Pack less than you think you will need (just trust me on this) and don’t over-plan. Make yourself a “Top 3” list of things you feel like you must see or do, and then leave the rest for exploring and finding adventure along the way.

Do you feel safe traveling abroad?
Some of your greatest fears, dangers, and set-backs are lurking around you in your hometowns. There is only so much precaution you can take before you scare yourself out of living.