Fierce Friday | Brittnye Brown

What makes you a L I O N?

@brittnyebrown: “A lion is probably the last animal I would associate myself with as I tend to be timid and soft spoken. However, when it comes to my “pride” I will do absolutely everything in my power to help them live their best life. I earnestly make a point to be kind to everyone around me and ensure they are cared for and happy with their life—even if it is to my own detriment. My pride is not limited to my family and closest friends; I have an intense sense of loyalty even to near strangers as well as things that are not tangible such as my job and other hobbies. At times this dedication takes its toll. However, I am firmly rooted in the belief that you reap what you sow, and also that the best way to be truly, genuinely happy yourself is to help those around you feel joy.”

What makes you H U M B L E?

@brittnyebrown: “Humility is much more relatable to me because at least in my case, humility and bashfulness go hand in hand. The infinite possibility of connections our world has made has humbled me even farther. In an instant we can be speaking with people from across the world, read articles posted just ten minutes prior, or see entire newspapers and pictures published over a century ago. The sheer intelligence that goes into keeping the world connected—and even just the good Lord keeping it spinning on its axis—is baffling and mesmerizing to me. I have always been considered to be fairly intelligent, but nothing puts me more at awe than listening to someone truly well versed in their field discuss what they are passionate about. The more you learn the more you realize there is to be learned, be it delving into a single subject down to a cellular level or acquiring a new set of knowledge or skills. I hope to continue building my mental encyclopedia for as long as my mind is sound and spread it to as many others that will allow me, because one can truly never be done learning. I have been so inspired by such brilliant people and hope to be even just a small beacon of light to anyone willing to accept.”

This week’s Fierce Friday is absolutely the nearest and dearest to my heart. For those of you that don’t know, this timeless beauty and precious heart is my best friend in the world. She’s been my number 1 since we were ten. She’s the only person besides @austincurrent_ that I talk to every single day. When I’ve traveled all over the world, my parents know to ask Britt where I’m at and what I’m doing because they know she will be the most likely to know my most recent whereabouts.

There truly aren’t words elegant enough to express how kind, gentle, loving, and most importantly genuine this woman is.

@brittnyebrown, you are my family. You are my family’s family. You are so loved, so cherished, and so greatly admired. I could never thank you enough for pouring so much light, love, and sass into my life. I’ve lived more life with you than without, and I pray that our journey continues for many years to come. I love you, BF!

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