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15 Inspirational Women To Follow In 2019

There is one thing I can never get enough — inspirational women. Don’t worry, this post isn’t [entirely] dedicated to fulfilling a feminist agenda, but you can bet your sweet booty it’s filled with some powerhouse women using their voices to keep progressing us forward, together.

If you follow me and my brand, you know I advocate for a balance of confidence and humility. I firmly believe each of these women does just that. Whether their stories resonate with me or open my eyes to worlds I’ve never known or imagined for myself, they captivate me. They motivate me. They push me in a direction I know in my gut to be right.

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Black Friday Special: 25% Discount on Empowerment Portrait Sessions by KaSandra Mitchell

First things first, I know there is a solid chance you don’t know what in the sam hell an “empowerment portrait session” is. It’s a little something I’ve coined for folks in my community who just want to celebrate where they are in life and exactly who they are right now by having professional photos taken of them just for the heck of it.

This idea came to me after I started my Fierce Friday project — a very short series of interview questions that challenge women to embrace their strengths and share what creates the most humility in their lives. During the last year of offering these portrait sessions, I’ve experienced great success with the badass babes who have decided to invest in them. I’m happy to say no one has felt awkward! Well, at least not by the end. There is always a grace period, in the beginning, to shake off the nerves! It includes laughing, loud music, dancing off the discomfort of a lens being pointed at you, and maybe even a little shot of your favorite liquor (for those of age!!) to let loose.

So, take a look at some photos of my gal pals who celebrated themselves this year below, and then see the bottom of this post for FAQs about this special and where/when it is valid.
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