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What makes you a L I O N?

@bethany.burt: “i don’t think i can relate to a lion…”

@thehumblelion_: “That’s fine. Then what makes you a badass?”

@bethany.burt: “i am fiercely sociable. there’s no barrier for me to overcome or borders that restrict me. therefore i’m never intimidated to talk to people. some people might have difficulty engaging with strangers and they end up unable to invite new friendships. i never seem to have a shortage of people in my life. i take the time to engage. i am interested in relationship. i am not afraid to be vulnerable. i get hurt a lot. i get misunderstood. but people are always worth it and I don’t give up trying. i think that is my badass quality.”

What makes you H U M B L E?

@bethany.burt: “what makes me humble?

i relate to this question a lot more than the lion question. so i am more excited to share this answer. i have always been more humble than not. i’ve not grown up believing that being humble was a bad thing. or that it made me weak. not at all. in fact, the opposite. being humble is exactly the position i strive to be at. i was taught to never think of myself more highly than i ought. whenever i am striving to be anything but a humble servant, i lose my way. i become more interested in doing something huge and impressive. and i become very unhappy. i start measuring people and their accomplishments to make my judgement on them as a person, as well as judging myself that way. but when i stay humble, i am more joyful. i’ve never been impressed by college degrees or six figure incomes. i’ve been impressed and humbled by people’s good character and tender hearts. i’m humbled by those people and brought back into focus the most important things in life. so, i am not exactly sure what made me humble. but i think my upbringing and community as a child really helped shape this in me from an early age. i was one of those lucky kids that had many “parents” and a few close, genuine friends. they taught me how to be humble by the way they lived. and the way they treated others. so i grew to love what being humble looked like. and i hope to be just that for the people i will teach in my days by the way i live my life.”

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