Fierce Friday | Bekah Beresford

What makes you a L I O N?

@r.beresford: “I’m just a broken person, redeemed by a precious savior named Jesus Christ. I’m an ordinary woman in the hand of an extraordinary Father. Any accomplishments, strengths, journeys or courage I’ve had is because He deeply loves and provides for me. It may seem like the ‘God cop out’, but I truly can’t take the glory for anything that has made me strong. He fiercely goes before me. Fiercely provides for me, and fiercely disciplines my wandering heart, and draws me back with grace in His eyes.

I’m not sure if that works, but that’s all I can think to say! You know I love you and I know you love me even if you don’t choose to feature me. You my girl! ❤️”

@thehumblelion_: “Girl! Stop that! Of course I’m still going to feature you…. This isn’t something I’m looking for a certain answer for, it’s to help women feel more confident and loving of themselves. And you find that through God. Why would I not feature that?”

@r.beresford has been this humble and devout as long as I’ve known her (since our not-so-wild college days when were serving our little big booties off over five years ago#teamjudy #coffeeobsessed#instantbesties)

Her heart is pure – probably the purest I’ve ever known.

She devoted her life to special needs children in the jungle in Ecuador for a year and is now teaching special education full time again in Seattle.

She has stood by me, loved me through my darkest hours and most saucy, uncalled for moods.

She has poured light into the darkest corners of my heart more times than I can count.

Bekah, you ARE a lion, an extraordinarily strong, unstoppable and BEAUTIFUL creature molded by God. I am so proud to call you my friend and my sister, and I will never have the breath to say enough grace over our friendship and the gratitude that fills me for having you in my life. (*Crying actual tears*)

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