Fierce Friday | Alex Barone

What makes you a L I O N?

@alexbone86: “When I think of lions I think of fierce protectors. Growing up my younger sister Dani was teased a lot and nothing lit a more ferocious fury in me than seeing her vulnerable and at the mercy of some bully. The same goes today. I am a vicious protector of the friends and family I hold close. Lions wait until the time is right to strike and maintain a quiet but powerful presence. They are unapologetic and take up space. All things I strive to do as an adamant feminist particularly in a male dominated field. There is something to be said for earning respect, speaking when the time is right and doing so in a way that inspires others and pushes them to think differently.”

What makes you H U M B L E? 

@alexbone86: “I’m a firm believer in two simple things: Empathy and compassion. I think they are inherently linked to humility. It’s as simple as relating to another HUMAN BEING by forgoing your own ego and getting on their level. Showing concern, lending an ear, creating space for a person to exist without judgment are all simple ways of humbling yourself to comfort another. I try to maintain an open perspective and I work to listen more than I speak (certainly a work in progress) in order to forego what I THINK I know about people and to let them build an understanding for me.”

Aside from being a timeless beauty, Alex is one of the more badass women I’ve had the good fortune of meeting and adopting into my pride (community). She is the eldest of FIVE sisters, serves in the US Coast Guard, lifts the heavy things, and is absolutely hilarious. She has a heart of gold, and it’s protected by an iron mind.

The world could use more people like Alex.

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